Wicca Magical Deities: A Guide to the Wiccan God and Goddess, and Choosing a Deity to Work Magic With

ᠯ Paperback @Wicca Magical Deities: A Guide to the Wiccan God and Goddess, and Choosing a Deity to Work Magic With For Free ⡯ PDF Author Lisa Chamberlain ⣻ ᠯ Paperback @Wicca Magical Deities: A Guide to the Wiccan God and Goddess, and Choosing a Deity to Work Magic With For Free ⡯ PDF Author Lisa Chamberlain ⣻

Everything You Need to Know to Start Connecting with the God and Goddess

Perhaps the biggest difference between Wicca and other religions is the belief that individuals can do than simply pray to a supreme, all powerful deity and hope that things will work out to their benefit Wiccans understand that individuals can actually co create with the forces of nature by linking their own personal energy with the divine through ritual and magic But what is the divine when it comes to Wicca Who are the Goddess and the God, and where did they come from Why do they have different names in different Wiccan traditions, and how do you begin to work with them in your personal practice Magical Deities, by best selling author Lisa Chamberlain, answers these questions and Going beyond the usual brief introduction to the God and Goddess found in many beginner guides to Wicca, Lisa covers the origins of the Wiccan deities, as well as their varying manifestations among different Wiccan traditions Whats , she explains the difference between traditional duotheism and eclectic polytheistic practices, both of which are found among the diversity of forms within this dynamic religion Youll find advice for learning to forge your own spiritual connection with the divine masculine and feminine, and introductions to sixteen ancient deities who often function as aspects of the God and Goddess within Wiccan practices Finally, youll find ideas for honoring and working with these deities in your magical practiceand make no mistake, having the assistance of the gods and goddesses of the Universe is an enormous boon in the magic department

Foundations in Wiccan Concepts of Divinity and Magic

For many practitioners who keep to the traditional duotheistic concept of Wicca, the ancient deities are aspects of the supreme Goddess and God and dont have a role to play on their own For those who fall into the category of eclectic Wiccans, the inclusion of ancient deities is polytheistic Eclectics often have personal relationships with patron gods and or goddesses, who may be included in ritual practice alongside the God and Goddess In both approaches, deities may be called upon for assistance with specific magical aims But its not simply a matter of speaking a gods or goddess name in your spellworkyou need to develop an understanding and personal relationship with your chosen deities Magical Deities will help you to do just that, with valuable information including The history of the Wiccan Goddess and God and their evolution through various traditions An introduction to the Triple Goddess and her three aspects Maiden, Mother and Crone Introductions to the Sun God, the Horned God, the Green Man, and the Holly and Oak KingsHow to represent the God and Goddess on the Wiccan altar The mythology, cosmology, and magical practices of the ancient cultures that gave rise to Wicca The most popular deities of the Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and Celtic pantheons Advice for choosing deities to work with, and magical goals and methods specific to each oneThe paths to connection with the God and Goddess, or to any of the deities borrowed from other cultures are as multiple and varied as the people who worship them Ultimately, your intuition and your heart are your best guides along your journey But the you know about the gods and goddesses you seek to work with, the authentic and astounding your connection with them has the potential to be As you make your way deeper into the realm of Wicca, Magical Deities will be a trusted travel guide

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    • Wicca Magical Deities: A Guide to the Wiccan God and Goddess, and Choosing a Deity to Work Magic With
    • Lisa Chamberlain
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