Saints and Misfits

⋽  豈 Saints and Misfits Online Read ዡ ePUB Author S K Ali ᠄ ⋽ 豈 Saints and Misfits Online Read ዡ ePUB Author S K Ali ᠄ Saints and Misfits MISFIT Im in the water Only my eyes are visible, and I blow bubbles to ensure the rest of me stays submerged until the opportune time Besides the lifeguard watching from his perch, theres a gaggle of girls my age patrolling the beach with younger siblings in tow They pace in their flip flops and bikinis, and I wait The ideal time is when no ones around and no ones looking But right now theres a little girl cross legged on wooden bleachers peering at me from beneath a hand held aloft at her forehead, a smile on her face I cant tell if the smile is a result of how long shes been watching me bob here in the water To check whether shes staring, I test her with a long gaze to the left of the bleachers, where Dad and his wife Linda are barbecuing Their oldest son, Logan, round and berry brown from a day in the sun, is digging a hole nearby, while the newest addition, Luke, lies on a quilt wearing a swim diaper Dad said Id love it here because the beachfront cottage theyd rented was one of the only two Cherie and Ed had let out this weekend Secluded Serene Safe Ha Cherie and Ed forgot to mention that the beach portion doesnt actually belong to them and is public property at all hours of the day Party central I look back, and, hallelujah, the girl on the bleachers is gone Theres also a lull on the shore now The lifeguards turned to talk to someone behind him, and the beach girls are on the far right, peering at a sand castle I stand and cringe at the sucking sound as my swimsuit sticks to me, all four yards of the spandex Lycra blend of it Waterfalls gush out of the many hems on the outfit, and, as I hobble out of the lake, secret pockets release their water Im a drippy, squelchy mess, stumbling toward Dad and Linda, picking up tons of sand as I move I refuse to look around in case I see someone, everyone, watching me Maybe my face reveals something, because Dad starts right away Janna, why do you have to wear that thing You could have said, No, Im not wearing your burkini, Mom He waves around long tongs as he speaks Mom didnt get it for me I ordered it online I saw her hand it to you as we were packing the car Because Id left it on the hall table, Dad Its her kind of thing Whats wrong with the way Lindas dressed He snaps the tongs at Linda Shes wearing a one piece, just had a baby, flouncy at the hips number, and, really, Id rather be in my burkini Its black and sleek Sure, when it gets wet, you kind of resemble a droopy sea lion, but at least it isnt pink and lime green like Lindas swimsuit is Linda, you look great I smile at her, and she smooths out her flounces Too bad youre not her sizeshe could have lent you one of her suits, right, Linda Dad, I wont wear it Im a hijabi, remember I take a plate and add a piece of chicken from the platter At the beach Even at the beach Dads gesticulating again and looking aroundfor what, I dont know When he spies a woman unfolding a lounge chair nearby and starts talking louder, I realize its for an audience He wants an audience while he rants at me Maybe I shouldve listened to Mom and not come My first vacation with Dads family since my parents split when I was eleven and its like Im a visitor among the earthlings frolicking on a beach in Florida Before this, Id only spent the odd weekend here and there with Dad at his house in Chicago I was Daddys princess back then The woman in the chair listens intently as Dad lectures Lindas got a hand on his arm, and its traveling up to his shoulder with a firmer grip, but hes still talking How come you have to hide your God given body He turns a few burgers over Hes wearing a white T shirt and red shorts over his God given body Its not me who forces her to dress like that, thats for sure The woman looks at me, then at Dad and opens a book Linda places a hand on my glistening black back and hands me a can of pop Ill get you a burger when theyre done, she whispers I move to sit on the bleachers before I realize the beach girls are sauntering this way again Im a swirl of sand art against a black canvas I duck under the wooden slats of the seats Cradling my plate on crossed legs, I flip back the swim cap thats attached to my suit and undo my hair Sand trickles down with the beads of water Some of it falls onto my chicken Flannery OConnor, my favorite author Thats who I need right now Flannery would take me away from here and deposit me into her fictitious world crawling with self righteous saints and larger than life misfits And Id feel okay there because Flannery took care of things Justice got served I forgot to pack her gigantic book of short stories because everything was last minute Id wanted to escape so badly that when Dad mentioned this trip with his family, Id asked, Can I come without thinking Mom had tried to put her foot down about taking a vacation right before exams, but, luckily for me, my brother Muhammad is home for the summer from college He talked her into letting me come She listens to practically everything he says If it had been only me telling her I needed to get away, far away from Eastspring, she wouldve talked over me She didnt know I had to get away from a monster And the truth is no one can know.Ali pens a touching exposition of a girls evolution from terrified victim to someone who knows shes worthy of support and is brave enough to get it Set in a multicultural Muslim family, this book is long overdue, a delight for readers who will recognize the culture and essential for those unfamiliar with Muslim experiences This quiet read builds to a satisfying conclusion readers will be glad to make space in their heartsand bookshelvesfor Janna Yusuf Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW This timely and authentic portrayal is an indisputable purchase in the realistic fiction category School Library Journal, STARREV REVIEW Alis debut offers a much needed,important perspective in Janna, whose Muslim faithis pivotal but far from the only part of her multifacetedidentity For readers unfamiliarwith Muslim traditions, Ali offers plenty of context cluesand explanations, though she always keeps thestory solidly on Jannas struggle to maintain friendships, nurse a crush, deal with bullies and predatorypeople in her life, and discover her own strength in the process A wide variety ofreaders will findsolidarity with Janna, and not just ones who wear a hijab Booklist, STARRED REVIEW A sympathetic and thoughtful study of a girls attempt to find her place in a complicated world Publishers Weekly Ali brings to life a nuanced intersection of culture, identity, and independence as Janna endures the typicalities of high school and the particularities of her evolving home life alongside the insidious impingement of rape culture Readers will cheer Jannas eventual empowerment Horn Book R eaders .will appreciate Jannas finding of a way to embrace her anger, receive support, and keep her faith Bulletin of the Center for Children s Books Saints and Misfits is an engaging portrayal of a young woman and the abundance of differing, loving people who make up her extended family Shelf Awareness S K Ali Official Publisher Page Simon Schuster SK is a teacher based in Toronto whose writing on Muslim culture and life has appeared the Star Her family of scholars consistently SK MuslimShelfSpace, Ban, We became aware from our good friend Ayesha Mattu, author Love, InshAllah fame When we found out about amazing work she s doing, d Saints Misfits by Ali Saints , ratings reviews Em RunawayWithDreamthieves said Seeing yourself represented book when you live world CBC Books writer Toronto, Ont her often list Most S available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide Profiles Facebook View profiles people named Join Facebook to connect others may know gives power share Sk Symer Sk makes Review Live Review Series n Genre Young Adult, Contemporary Salaam Reads Schuster BYR Teenreads listed Books A William C Morrow Award Finalist An Entertainment Weekly Best YA timely authentic School Library Journal, starred Saints and Misfits

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