Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You

ഩ Good Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You to read online ඓ Ebook Author Deepak Chopra ඡ ഩ Good Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You to read online ඓ Ebook Author Deepak Chopra ඡ FROM BREAKDOWN TO BREAKTHROUGHFor you and me, the body poses problems that will only grow worse As children we loved our bodies and rarely thought about them As we grew older, though, we soon fell out of love, and with good reason Billions of dollars are spent to cure the body of its many ills and miseries Billions are thrown down the drain for cosmetics, whose purpose is to fool us into thinking we look better than we do To be blunt, the human body is unsatisfactory and has been for a long time It can t be trusted, since sickness often strikes without warning It deteriorates over time and eventually dies Let s attack this problem seriously Instead of making do with the physical form you were given at birth, why not look for a breakthrough, a completely new way of approaching the body Breakthroughs occur when you start thinking about a problem in a fresh new way The biggest breakthroughs occur when you start thinking in an unbounded way Take your eyes away from what you see in the mirror If you came from Mars and have never seen how the body ages and declines over time, you might believe it would work in just the opposite way From a biological point of view, there s no reason why the body should be flawed So start there Having erased every outworn assumption from your mind, you are now free to entertain some breakthrough ideas that totally change the situation Your body is boundless It is channeling the energy, creativity, and intelligence of the entire universe.At this moment, the universe is listening through your ears, seeing through your eyes, experiencing through your brain.Your purpose for being here is to allow the universe to evolve.None of this is outlandish The human body is already the universe s most advanced laboratory experiment You and I are at the cutting edge of life Our best chance for survival is to embrace that fact Rapid evolution, faster than that for any other life form on the planet, gave us our present state of ever increasing health, longer lifespan, exploding creativity, and a vision of possibilities that science advances faster and faster Our physical evolution ceased around 200,000 years ago You don t possess liver, lungs, heart, or kidneys different from those of a cave dweller Indeed, you share 60 percent of your genes with a banana, 90 percent with a mouse, and than 99 percent with a chimpanzee In other words, everything else that makes us human has depended on an evolution that is far nonphysical than physical We invented ourselves, and as we did so, we brought our bodies along for the ride.How you invented yourselfYou have been inventing your body from the day you were born, and the reason you don t see it that way is that the process comes so naturally It s easy to take for granted, and that s the problem The flaws you see in your body today aren t inherent They aren t bad news delivered by your genes or mistakes made by Nature Your choices each played a part in the body you created, either consciously or unconsciously.Here s a list of physical changes that you have made and continue to make It s a very basic list, all medically valid, and yet hardly any part of your body is excluded.Every skill you learn creates a new neural network in your brain.Every new thought creates a unique pattern of brain activity.Any change in mood is conveyed via messenger molecules to every part of the body, altering the basic chemical activity of each cell.Every time you exercise, you alter your skeleton and muscles.Every bite of food you eat alters your daily metabolism, electrolyte balance, and proportion of fat to muscle.Your sexual activity and the decision to reproduce affects your hormonal balance.The stress level to which you subject yourself raises and lowers your immune system.Every hour of total inactivity creates muscle atrophy.Your genes tune in to your thoughts and emotions, and in mysterious ways they switch on and off according to your desires.Your immune system gets stronger or weaker in response to being in a loving or unloving relationship.Crises of grief, loss, and loneliness increase the risk of disease and shortened lifespan.Using your mind keeps your brain young not using your brain leads to its decline.Using these tools, you invented your body and can reinvent it anytime you want The obvious question is, Why haven t we reinvented our bodies already Certainly the problems have been staring us in the face long enough The answer is that solving small pieces of the puzzle has been much easier than seeing the whole Medicine is practiced in specialties If you fall in love, an endocrinologist can report on the decline of stress hormones in your endocrine system A psychiatrist can report on your improved mood, which a neurologist can confirm through a brain scan A dietician may be worried that you re losing your appetite on the other hand, what you do eat is digested better And so it goes No one can provide you with a complete picture.To make matters complex, because the body is so fluid and so superbly multitasking, it s difficult to imagine there s any one step to take that could lead to transformation Right now you may be in love, pregnant, running down a country lane, eating a new diet, losing sleep or gaining it, doing better at your job or worse Your body is nothing less than a universe in motion.Reinventing the body means changing the whole universe.Trying to tinker with your body misses the forest for the trees One person fixates on her weight, another trains for a marathon, and yet another is adopting a vegan diet while her friend is dealing with menopause Thomas Edison didn t tinker with building a better kerosene lamp he abandoned the use of fire the only human generated source of light since prehistoric times and broke through to a new source That was a quantum leap in creativity If you are the creator of your body, what is the quantum leap awaiting you Going back to the sourceIf we use Edison as our model, the last great reinvention of the body followed certain principles The body is an object.It fits together like a complicated machine.The machine breaks down over time.The body s machinery is constantly attacked by germs and other microbes, which are also tiny machines on a molecular scale.But these are all outmoded ideas If any of these assumptions were true, then the following couldn t happen a new syndrome recently appeared called electro sensitivity, in which people complain that simply being near electricity causes discomfort and pain Electro sensitivity is taken seriously enough that at least one country, Sweden, will pay to have a person s house shielded from the electromagnetic field if they are diagnosed as electro sensitive.The widespread fear that cell phones harm the body has reached no definitive conclusion, but it seemed far easier to test whether there is such a thing as electro sensitivity In one experiment, subjects were put inside an electromagnetic field we are surrounded by these every day in the form of microwaves, radio and television signals, cell phone transmissions, and power lines , and as the field was turned on or off, they were asked to say what they felt It turned out that nobody did better than random People who described themselves as electro sensitive did no better than anyone else, which means no better than random guessing.However, this didn t settle the matter In a follow up experiment, people were given cell phones and asked if they could feel pain or discomfort when they placed the phones against their heads The electro sensitive people described a range of discomfort, including sharp pain and headache, and by looking at their brains with MRIs, it could be seen that they were telling the truth The pain centers in their brains were activated The catch is that the cell phones were dummies and were emitting no electrical signals of any kind Therefore, the mere expectation that they would be in pain was enough to create pain in certain people, and the next time they used a real cell phone, they would suffer from the syndrome.Before you dismiss this as a psychosomatic effect, pause and consider If someone says he is electro sensitive, and his brain acts as if he is electro sensitive, the condition is real at least for him Psychosomatic conditions are real for those who experience them But it s just as true to say that they created the conditions In fact, there is a much larger phenomenon at work here the ebb and flow of new diseases that may be new creations Another example is anorexia and related eating disorders like bulimia A generation ago, such disorders were rare, and now they appear to be endemic, especially among teenage girls Premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, had its heyday but now seems to be fading Cutting, a form of self mutilation in which the patient, usually a young woman, secretly slices superficial wounds into her skin with a razor or knife, appears to be on the rise after a period of almost total obscurity.When such new disorders appear, the first reaction is always that the victims created a sickness that is essentially imaginary or psychotic Yet when the disorder spreads, and doctors find that patients cannot turn off the switch that turned the illness on, there can be only one conclusion Self created symptoms are real.Machines can t create new disorders But then the whole machine model was imperfect from the start If you drive a car long enough, its moving parts are ground down by friction But if you use a muscle, it gets stronger Non use, which helps keeps a machine in pristine condition, leads to atrophy with our bodies Creaky, arthritic joints seem like a perfect example of moving parts that have worn out, but arthritis is actually caused by a host of complex disorders, not just simple friction.During your lifetime this outworn modelAlternative medicine guru Chopra, author of than 50 books,argues that the bond between body and soul has been severed it s his hope that humankind is about to embark on a restoration project that will give the soul the attention it deserves Chopra presents five breakthroughs that address the body and five that address the soul He also walks readers through a fascinating discussion of how energy affects spiritual and physical health, and includes a scored personal energy efficiency quiz According to Chopra, when subtle energy becomes blocked, awareness can act like an invisible force that turns unhealthy energy around he also explains how the expression of genes can be altered by lifestyle changes Chopra encourages readers to follow their inner guidance, to embrace a journey to higher consciousness, to expand awareness through meditation and other methods, to ask for guidance and then wait for it to appear, and to trust their instincts By accepting the over arching power of the invisible or non physical world, Chopra maintains that we can begin to nourish a state of wholeness in which there is no longer a disconnect between body, mind, and soul Though Chopra offers 10 simple steps to wholeness including focusing on relationships instead of consumption , this is a multilayered text to savor and study readers will continue to contemplate the author s message long after the final page is turned Publishers Weekly, starred review Dr Chopra moves us from the mundane lives that trap many of us to the sacred insights offered by our souls Mehmet C Oz, bestselling co author of You The Owner s Manual Health and disease often begin in our consciousness, so awareness is the first step in healing In Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul, Deepak Chopra eloquently and beautifully describes how to enhance our awareness and transform our health dynamically and powerfully than had once been thought possible Dean Ornish, M.D., founder and president of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco and author of The Spectrum Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting Soul How Reinventing How to Create a New You Deepak Chopra MD on FREE shipping qualifying offers presents Aging Keeping It Simple Feel healthier and look younger with our best anti aging, weight loss, beauty tips, guides The Steel Pantera Info Purchase LP Gram Vinyl Label Elektra release date gold certification Dr Larry Dossey s Official Website Medicine Beyond Mind Body Era of Healing Dossey, Dr Tattoo Tattoo, an interactive, educational eBook written by Guy Aitchison produced TattooNOW Tewkesbury Alloy Wheel Refurbishment by Repair refurbishment alloy wheels Tewkesbury are conveniently located just off Junction M see maps below DAOWO DAOWO Programme Labs Debates Thu Oct Art Lab blockchain Nov Identity Trouble Frederic content based his book organizations Background Modern have brought about sensational progress for yourself Early Retirement Extreme Extreme combination simple living, anticonsumerism, DIY ethics, self reliance, resilience, applied capitalism Our Communities Philadelphia About ROC is going road Join us Investing in Opportunity, Monday, October , throughDeepak Wikipedia d i p k t o r Hindustani pra born Indian American author, public speaker Delhi, oktober een Indiaas schrijver van boeken over spiritualiteit, alternatieve geneeskunde en Ayurveda hij woonachtig de Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre hindi D pak Cop octubre es un mdico, escritor y conferencista indio nacido Nueva Delhi Wikipdia Chopra, n le octobre est penseur, mdecin, confrencier et crivain succs indo amricain, spcialis sur les thmes v Praze Vm porad, jak se stt skute nm ldrem vizemi, kter dok e dky svm schopnostem uskute nit Stejn principy lze vyu Random Quote Generator This site intended entertainment purposes only no way reflects thoughts If you like this site, can donate help running Skeptic Dictionary Quantum healing bodymind from quantum level That means which not manifest at sensory bodies ultimately All Articles Center Read articles Center Learn today By MD, Rudolph E Tanzi, PhD We will most certainly entered new era medicine when dread cancer has abated Accueil Jours Mditation avec Deepak dcouvrez programmes ligne restez contact personnes qui vous ont accompagn dans ce voyage You Are Universe Discovering Your Cosmic Cosmic Self Why Matters Menas C Kafatos Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You

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