The Temple of Man

≦ [PDF]-The Temple of Man ⊗ ePUB Author R A SCHWALLER DE LUBICZ ⋇ ≦ [PDF]-The Temple of Man ⊗ ePUB Author R A SCHWALLER DE LUBICZ ⋇ An impressive, beautifully realized presentation that deserves consideration, discussion and debate For those of you with interest in alternative approaches to ancient Egypt, The Temple of Man will be and important addition to your library KMT, 1998 As complete an insight into the mind of pharaonic Egypt as will be found on paper Coming to the worldview from our mindset places serious damands on the reader But, this book is both dizzying and transporting, offering the possibility of immersion in another world, cleansing the mind and clarifying the extent and the limitations of our own mental tools for grasping our world MKS, Whole Earth, 1998 This astonishing and monumental book helps us understand not only the greatness of Egypt, but the depths of the human soul as well The work of Schwaller de Lubicz stands in our time as an unsurpassed blending of objective scholarship and philosophical vision Jacob Needleman, author of Time and the Soul In The Temple of Man, renowned Egyptologist R.A Schwaller De Lubicz offers an exhaustive study of the temple of Amun Mut Khonsu at Luxor In over 1000 pages of text, illustrations and photographs, De Lubicz demonstrates the powerful spiritual and philosophical heritage of ancient Egyptian civilization Publishers Weekly Schwaller s grand synthesis reveals, once and for all, the full extent and significance of the knowledge of Ancient Egypt Parabola Le Temple de l homme by Schwaller de Lubicz is an absolute must for all who are interested in the search for the truth about Ancient Egypt and its pivotal place in the unfolding of the cosmic drama and the human quest for immortality and spiritual perfection For years we have all waited for an English translation Here it is at last Robert G Bauval, author of The Orion Mystery Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids and Message of In my view, The Temple of Man is the most important work of scholarship of this century R A Schwaller de Lubicz finally proves the existence of the legendary sacred science of the Ancients and systematically demonstrates its modus operandi It was this great science based upon an intimate and exact knowledge of cosmic principles that fused art, religion, science, and philosophy into one coherent whole and sustained Ancient Egypt for three thousand years John Anthony West, author of Serpent in the Sky Schwaller s text demands that it not be just read, but that it be thought along with His scientific writings contain poetic and spiritual insights that touch the soul because true science, as he conceives it, is capable of generating those insights indeed, it demands that they be generated Gnosis Magazine Schwaller de Lubicz s great work, grounded in a remarkable insight into the science and philosophy of the ancient world, opens the way to a complete reappraisal of Egyptian civilization, revolutionizing our view of history John Michell, author of The New View Over Atlantis In the first Renaissance, the Florentines went back to the knowledge of the ancient Greeks In this, our planetary Renaissance, we return to the esoteric knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians The research and intuitions of Schwaller de Lubicz should be placed alongside Evans Wentz s recovery of the esoteric knowledge of Tibet William Irwin Thompson, author of At the Edge of HistoryThe monumental Temple of Man represents the most important breakthrough in our understanding of Ancient Egypt since the discovery of the Rosetta stone This exhaustive and authoritative study reveals the depths of the mathematical, medical, and metaphysical sophistication of Ancient Egypt Schwaller de Lubicz s stone by stone survey of the temple of Amun Mut Khonsu at Luxor allows us to step into the mentality of Ancient Egypt and experience the Egyptian way of thinking within the context of their own worldview His study finds the temple to be an eloquent expression and summary an architectural encyclopedia of what the Egyptians knew of humanity and the universe Through a reading of the temple s measures and proportions, its axes and orientations, and the symbolism and placement of its bas reliefs, along with the accompanying studies of related medical and mathematical papyri, Schwaller de Lubicz demonstrates how advanced the civilization of Ancient Egypt was, a civilization that possessed exalted knowledge and achievements both materially and spiritually In so doing, Schwaller de Lubicz effectively demonstrates that Ancient Egypt, not Greece, is at the base of Western science, civilization, and culture To understand the temple of Luxor, twelve years of field work were undertaken with the utmost exactitude by Schwaller de Lubicz in collaboration with French archaeologist Clement Robichon and the respected Egyptologist Alexandre Varille From this work were produced over 1000 pages of text and proofs of the sacred geometry of the temple and 400 illustrations and photographs that make up The Temple of Man The Temple of Man is a monument to inspired insight, conscientious scholarship, and exacting archaeological groundwork that represents a major contribution to humanity s perennial search for self knowledge and the prehistoric origins of its culture and science. 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