Just Another Hero

⑃ Free Format Kindle @Just Another Hero ⑨ Book By Sharon M Draper ┊ ⑃ Free Format Kindle @Just Another Hero ⑨ Book By Sharon M Draper ┊ Just Another Hero ARIELLE CHAPTER 1 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3GRAB HIS ARMS Now pick up his legs Hey, quit Stop Leave me alone This is gonna be too funny Hurry up, before a teacher shows up Hes slippery like a little worm, man Quit wigglin, little punk You gonna make me throw you in the pool Let me GO Arielle Gresham, who had come to school early to get some homework done, was sitting alone in a side hall near the boys gym, lost in her own thoughts Startled by the noise, she turned her head to see two big guys carrying a kicking, flailing smaller boy into the hall that led to the swimming pool Put me down Make me PLEASE just leave me alone This is gonna be the best You Tube video ever Make sure you film just him and not our faces, dude Im not stupid Arielle heard screeches of complaint, laughter, then silence By this time she was already on her feet and marching toward the locker room that led to the boys entrance to the pool Shed never actually been in a boys locker room before, or any male bathroom for that matter, but she figured she could handle it The smell hit her first How could a room that had to have been cleaned last night still reek so bad The room was brightly lit with fluorescent bulbs that illuminated everything with a purplish glare The row of urinals lined up against one pee spattered wall helped explain the smell Battered green lockers and benches lined the far wall She hurried out of there and down the hall to the pool The voices, louder and clearer, made her break into a run Throw his jeans into the pool A soft splash Hes wearin tightie whities, man Lots of deep laughter echoed Throw those in too Arielle opened the door to the pool area Damp, moist air, sharpened by the pungent tang of chlorine, hit her face The scene in front of her made her gasp Two guys, students shed seen around but did not know, were holding a squirming, crying student facedown on the tiled floor He wore only a navy blue hoodie and his socks His shoes lay a few feet away, but his jeans and underpants floated nearby in seven feet of water A third boy was holding a cell phone, obviously filming the scene What is wrong with you she screamed Her voice echoed against the damp walls Let him go Busted the largest of the three said By a girl Too cool No sweat We got enough to post, the filmer crowed gleefully, flipping his cell phone shut Hey, Wardley Your butts gonna be famous And with that, all three bigger guys hooted with laughter and ran out of the pool area The kid whod been released lay there, his hands clasped over his head, trembling Arielle, unsure of what to do, knew he had to be mortified Get out, the boy mumbled Do you want me to try and fish your clothes out of the pool she offered I said get out the boy said louder She was pretty sure she recognized that voice Osrick she asked Osrick Wardley was in her chemistry and English classes, but Arielle barely knew him He was seventeena senior like the rest of thembut he was only about five feet tall and couldnt have weighed than a hundred pounds With dirty blond hair, a mouth full of braces, and a narrow, sunken chest, the kid was a magnet for guys who liked to act tough Members of the football team sucker punched him and tossed him into wastebaskets with regularity And now, it seemed, the swimmers were taking their turn Of course, everybody called him Weird Osrick Who would name a kid Osrick Arielle thought His parents might as well have pinned a sign on him that said, PLEASE MAKE FUN OF ME Osrick had never scored anything lower than an A in any class Arielle had shared with him Except for gym, which had to be rough for a guy who could be knocked over by a wildly tossed basketball Osrick, are you okay Arielle asked She touched her carefully curled hair, which was beginning to droop in the humid air Please, promise you wont tell anybody Osrick pleaded Please Okay, okay I promise Arielle frowned, pondering whether that was the right thing to say Surely she should tell a teacher Now please just leave, Osrick begged Suit yourself, Arielle said with a shrug I was just trying to help She picked up a towel, tossed it toward him, then hurried out of the pool area, leaving Osrick to the privacy of his humiliation.Jericho, November, Arielle, and their friends must step up big time to prevent a deadly school tragedy in this harrowing conclusion to Sharon M Drapers Jericho Trilogy.Arielle Gresham, disliked and mistrusted by most of the students at her school, has a secret past, an unbelievably complicated present, and a shaky future But no one knows or cares because she has managed to alienate anyone who could help her She tries to cope with problems at school, but difficulties at home almost break her spirit Then, as the school tries to deal with an outbreak of false fire alarms, a series of thefts, and Arielle discovers that one classmate is addicted to prescriptions drugs, and another who is a victim on vicious online bullying Outward appearances are seldom what they seem to beeveryone is dealing with something, its all a matter of how you deal with it, Arielle is figuring out But one kid cant, and as he starts to crack, could he take the school tumbling down with him A hero is needed But what makes a hero Naruto , is a shinobi of Konohagakure s clan He became the jinch riki Nine Tails on day hisSharon Draper Wikipedia Sharon Mills born August an American children writer and professional educator, National Teacher Year She five time Welcome to Official Site Draper On New York Times Best Seller List for ALMOST TWO YEARS Out my Mind now available in TWENTY different translations Arabic, Catalan, Chinese Complex M educator as well accomplished has been honored Year, winner Forged By Fire indeed forged fiery name herself field young adult literature that courageous writer, willing tackle tough, real life Draper, Romiette Julio Simon bestselling author recipient Margaret A Edwards Award honoring her significant lasting contribution writing Biography life, family, children, For thirty years was English teacher Cincinnati, Ohio, public school system, instilling love reading More CMT Music Country Television Get latest music news, watch video clips from shows, events, exclusive performances your favorite artists Discover new country Just Another Hero

    • Format Kindle
    • 1481490303
    • Just Another Hero
    • Sharon M Draper
    • Anglais
    • 13 September 2016
    • 304 pages

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