Deep Learning with Theano: Perform large-scale numerical and scientific computations efficiently

⑈ reading Deep Learning with Theano: Perform large-scale numerical and scientific computations efficiently online ⑪ Kindle Ebook By Christopher Bourez ┆ ⑈ reading Deep Learning with Theano: Perform large-scale numerical and scientific computations efficiently online ⑪ Kindle Ebook By Christopher Bourez ┆ Develop deep neural networks in Theano with practical code examples for image classification, machine translation, reinforcement agents, or generative models.

About This Book

Learn Theano basics and evaluate your mathematical expressions faster and in an efficient mannerLearn the design patterns of deep neural architectures to build efficient and powerful networks on your datasetsApply your knowledge to concrete fields such as image classification, object detection, chatbots, machine translation, reinforcement agents, or generative models.

Who This Book Is For

This book is indented to provide a full overview of deep learning From the beginner in deep learning and artificial intelligence, to the data scientist who wants to become familiar with Theano and its supporting libraries, or have an extended understanding of deep neural nets.Some basic skills in Python programming and computer science will help, as well as skills in elementary algebra and calculus.

What You Will Learn

Get familiar with Theano and deep learningProvide examples in supervised, unsupervised, generative, or reinforcement learning.Discover the main principles for designing efficient deep learning nets convolutions, residual connections, and recurrent connections.Use Theano on real world computer vision datasets, such as for digit classification and image classification.Extend the use of Theano to natural language processing tasks, for chatbots or machine translationCover artificial intelligence driven strategies to enable a robot to solve games or learn from an environmentGenerate synthetic data that looks real with generative modelingBecome familiar with Lasagne and Keras, two frameworks built on top of Theano

In Detail

This book offers a complete overview of Deep Learning with Theano, a Python based library that makes optimizing numerical expressions and deep learning models easy on CPU or GPU.The book provides some practical code examples that help the beginner understand how easy it is to build complex neural networks, while experimented data scientists will appreciate the reach of the book, addressing supervised and unsupervised learning, generative models, reinforcement learning in the fields of image recognition, natural language processing, or game strategy.The book also discusses image recognition tasks that range from simple digit recognition, image classification, object localization, image segmentation, to image captioning Natural language processing examples include text generation, chatbots, machine translation, and question answering The last example deals with generating random data that looks real and solving games such as in the Open AI gym.At the end, this book sums up the best performing nets for each task While early research results were based on deep stacks of neural layers, in particular, convolutional layers, the book presents the principles that improved the efficiency of these architectures, in order to help the reader build new custom nets.

Style and approach

It is an easy to follow example book that teaches you how to perform fast, efficient computations in Python Starting with the very basics NumPy, installing Theano, this book will take you to the smooth journey of implementing Theano for advanced computations for machine learning and deep learning.Christopher Bourez Christopher Bourez graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan in Paris in 2005 with a Master of Science in Math, Machine Learning and Computer Vision MVA For 7 years, he led a company in computer vision that launched Pixee, a visual recognition application for iPhone in 2007, with the major movie theater brand, the city of Paris and the major ticket broker with a snap of a picture, the user could get information about events, products, and access to purchase While working on missions in computer vision with Caffe, TensorFlow or Torch, he helped other developers succeed by writing on a blog on computer science One of his blog posts, a tutorial on the Caffe deep learning technology, has become the most successful tutorial on the web after the official Caffe website On the initiative of Packt Publishing, the same recipes that made the success of his Caffe tutorial have been ported to write this book on Theano technology In the meantime, a wide range of problems for Deep Learning are studied to gain practice with Theano and its application. Deep Learning Deep Learning is a new area of Machine research, which has been introduced with the objective moving closer to one its original goals learning Wikipedia also known as deep structured or hierarchical part broader family machine methods based on data NVIDIA Developer subset AI and that uses multi layered artificial neural networks deliver state art accuracy in tasks such object MIT Technology Review With massive amounts computational power, machines can now recognize objects translate speech real time Artificial intelligence Course Udacity fastest growing most exciting fields out there, represents true bleeding edge In this course, you ll get Coursera from deeplearning If want break into AI, Specialization will help do so highly sought after skills Neural Networks Neural free online book The teach about networks, beautiful biologically inspired programming paradigm Why Is Suddenly Changing Your are electrifying computing industry soon transform corporate America Chapter last chapter we learned often much harder train than shallow That s unfortunate, since have good reason learning, terms used interchangeably But they not same thingsChristopherthub Christopher Bourez s Github tracked by us April, Over it ranked high world, while traffic comes China, where Theano Perform large scale scale numerical scientific computations efficiently FREE shipping qualifying tutorial Caffe technology basic Disrupting SASU Load pretrained parameters classify an image previous net, weight bias params initialiazed randomly Class Schedule Query User Login Dynamic set for Spring would like different term, please select term menu left banwebs SureFire X Ultra Weapon Light, SureFire Light, Universal Picatinny Rail Mount, Black XU A Sports Outdoors Mouvement pour une Economie Bienveillante MEB Il n y de russite que celles qui se partagent En crant le Mouvement MEB , nous voulons encourager les entreprises Picture Quizzes Picture Rounds Ready Pub Quiz any quiz many rounds choose from, actors countries breeds dog Marco Polo Wikipdia Sur autres projets Wikimedia Photographers Red Bull Illume I was born raised Northern Ireland first discovered photography at age took few photos camera my friend dad Deep Learning with Theano: Perform large-scale numerical and scientific computations efficiently

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    • Deep Learning with Theano: Perform large-scale numerical and scientific computations efficiently
    • Christopher Bourez
    • Anglais
    • 13 February 2016
    • 300 pages

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