War of the Realms (Valkyrie Book 3)

ి  ໔ War of the Realms (Valkyrie Book 3) for ipad ಆ Ebook Author Kate O Hearn ದ ి ໔ War of the Realms (Valkyrie Book 3) for ipad ಆ Ebook Author Kate O Hearn ದ Kate OHearn was born in Canada, raised in New York City, and has traveled all over the United States She currently resides in England Kate is the author of the Pegasus series, the Shadow Dragon series, and the Valkyrie series Visit her at KateOHearn.com.War of the Realms 1 THIS IS IT, FREYA WHISPERED to herself War in the realms It was too terrible to consider, but there was no avoiding it The young Valkyrie stood outside the closed barn doors at Valhalla Valley, the home of her Earth family She and Archie had been thrown out by Thor, who was furious with her and held her personally responsible for the start of the war Thor was partly right, but she hadnt intended anything like this to happen All she had set out to do was free her twin brother, Kai, from the Keep of the Dark Searchers before he took his final vow and drank the potion that would destroy his voice forever She couldnt let him become one of the feared Dark Searchers without offering him the choice of another life How could she have known that going to Utgard would cause so much trouble After a few minutes, the barn door swung open and a large Dark Searcher shoved Kai and their young cousin Mims outside, to join Freya and her best friend, Archie I am no child Kai protested loudly as he tried to push his way back inside You cannot throw me out while the adults talk I am a Searcher my place is in there with you The imposing Dark Searcher said nothing, but held up a warning finger to Kai After a moment, he closed the door and they heard it lock behind him Thor is really mad Mims turned to Freya Hes blaming you for everything Seems like they all are, Archie added But if the Searchers in there hadnt followed us from Utgard, Dirian would have killed them, too They should be thanking us, not treating us like criminals Freya nodded and pressed her ear to the door The discussions inside the barn were heating up as Asgardians, Angels of Death, and humans clashed Thor was raging, and blaming Loki as much as he blamed Freya Thor is accusing Loki now, Freya reported Hes saying that Loki and I went to Utgard to cause trouble Thats a lie Archie said A fist slammed against the other side of the door, knocking it into Freyas cheek Ouch she cried She rubbed her bruised cheek and punched the door back A moment later it opened, and the same Dark Searcher who had evicted Kai and Mims poked his head out He wasnt wearing his helmet, and his dark blue eyes blazed in threat as he snarled, You have caused enough trouble, Valkyrie Leave here, now Come, Kai said to everyone If we are not welcome, well go They moved away from the barn and headed back to the farmhouse They climbed the three steps up to the porch and stood there, glaring at the barn We should be in there, Freya said Kai nodded They only see us as children But we are warriors, and we are prepared for this war How bad do you think itll get Archie asked I mean, you dont think this could actually be the start of Rag Dont say it Dont even think it Freya said quickly Archie was being trained in Valhalla to fight and wield a sword, alongside the soldiers the Valkyries reaped from Earths battlefields He was lucky enough to be personally tutored by one of Valhallas best warriors, Crixus, the ancient gladiator So it was no real surprise that Archie had the Great War on his mind Mims looked at Archie and frowned What are you talking about What is Rag Freya realized that her cousinthe daughter of a wingless Dark Searcher and a human motherhad never been told any of the Norse myths She knew nothing of her origin or the stories of her Asgard people Its actually called Ragnark, Freya corrected She hated to have to be the one to tell her about the legendary war, but Mims needed to know how bad things could become As Freya filled her in, all the color drained from her cousins face Ragnark means the end of everythingall the realms, including Midgard, Kai added But isnt Earth called Midgard Mims asked Kai nodded He was taller than Freya, with eyes the color of ice His long hair was jet black, contrasting with the brilliant white feathers of his wings He was the only Dark Searcher with white wings, so they had caused him lots of trouble over the years, just as Freyas black wings had done for her, among the white winged Valkyries Im sure it wont go that far Freya tried to sound reassuring But it could, Kai said What a little bundle of joy you are, Archie said Look, if everyone in the realms knows about Ragnark, theyd be insane to start a war that big Kai tilted his head to the side Are you serious Werent you just in Utgard Didnt you see the frost giants up close Do you really think they care, or even plan beyond their next meal Freya shuddered as she thought back to their experience in Utgard, the land of the frost giants She recalled how she and Archie had nearly been squeezed to death in the hand of a giant Kai was right Frost giants wouldnt think twice about starting a war that big Shed never encountered the fire giants outside of the Ten Realms Challenge, but rumor had it that they were even worse To all of them, the future was abstract War, peaceit was all the same Dark Elves were just as bad Granted, they were intelligent, but it was well known that they were as short tempered as the giants It wouldnt take much to set them off Weve got to stop it, Archie said Isnt that what theyre discussing in there Mims asked Yes, Freya said as she jumped down from the front porch And we should be in there If only they would trust us, Im sure we could help Gee, where are you going Archie called, using his nickname for Freya Back to the barn I have to hear what theyre saying But that roadblock of a Searcher is guarding the door, Archie called after her Youll never get in Im not going to the door Looktheres a large window into the hayloft We can fly up there and hear whats going on Freya, are you determined to have Thor cut off your wings Orus cawed from her shoulder Theyre talking about the War of the Realms, and that involves all of us We have a right to know whats going on She turned to Kai Ill carry Archie up if you take Mims Freya and Kai flew through the open hayloft window and landed on the upper level of the barn Creeping forward over the bales of hay, they peered down upon the large gathering Thors voice boomed as he pointed an accusing finger at Azrael, the Angel of Death You should have warned us this was coming Why didnt you say something You could have told Odin at the Ten Realms Challenge For one thing, we couldnt be certain, Azrael said calmly Yes, we knew something was brewing, but we had no idea who the traitor was or when they would strike Two, Odin already knew something was in the air Like us, he wasnt sure who the instigator was, so he remained silent until he had information Had he revealed his suspicions too soon, he would have given Dirian the opportunity to plan his attack carefully But now, because Freya intervened at Utgard, Dirian has exposed himself before he was ready and has had to move his plans forward, which may cost him dearly It has already cost us dearly, Angel, Kris, Freyas uncle, rasped, his face red with rage His blue eyes flashed as he pushed through the line of Dark Searchers Even without their helmets on, they were an imposing sight and an intimidating force Dirian has slaughtered our brothers and destroyed our keep with his betrayal We, the few who remain, can never return there You didnt belong there anyway, Eir, Freyas mother, said You are our kin You should have lived with us in Asgard and not been exiled to Utgard Loki waved his hand dramatically Not that this family reunion isnt touching, but all this talk is getting us nowhere Bifrst is closed, and soon the frost and fire giants will march on Asgard They cannot get there with Bifrst closed, Thor said Just as we are trapped here until father has Heimdall open the bridge again Lokis eyes opened wide in disbelief He gasped and then started to cough with explosive laughter This this is what Ive always loved about you, Thor, he gasped Youre all brawn and no brains Thors face contorted with rage Stop laughing at me The Thor protested, the harder Loki laughed Stop please youre killing me Thor said stop laughing Kris caught Loki by the neck and hoisted him off the ground Now is not the time for your games, he growled Loki clutched at the Searchers gloves and kicked out his feet Kris, enough Freyas younger uncle, Vonni, intervened All this bickering is getting us nowhere Youve banished the kids from being a part of this discussion, but youre behaving worse than them He caught his older brothers arm and pulled it away from Lokis throat Freya studied her two uncles closely Vonni had been raised on Earth His wings had been removed by Azrael when he was born and, like Mims, he had never been told his true nature All he knew was that he, like his mother, was immortal Vonni was a gentle and loving husband and devoted father, but he also had great strength and all the powers of the Searchers Then there was his older brother, Kris A full winged Dark Searcher who had been raised in Utgard at the Keep of the Dark Searchers Trained to be vicious and obedient, he was a powerful fighter As much as they looked alike, they couldnt have been different Kris, please, Vonni repeated Let him speak If there is another way to travel beyond Bifrst, we should know about it The huge Dark Searcher looked at Thor for direction When the son of Odin nodded, Kris released Loki Loki collapsed to the floor, gasping and rubbing his neck You could have killed me, you great big oaf And you would have deserved it, Thor said Now talk How will the frost and fire giants reach Asgard Surely Bifrst is the only wayeveryone knows that Everyone is wrong, Loki said, rubbing his neck There is another way, and you should be thanking me for knowing it There is no other way, Kris rasped Oh no Loki teased And just how do you think Ive been getting in and out of Asgard without Odins permission when Heimdall is always at his post You used drugs, Eir said Just like you did when you helped Freya cross Bifrst without permission the first time You used a potion to render Heimdall unconscious Loki nodded True, because getting Freya killed in the tunnels wouldnt have done me any good Tunnels Eir demanded Those are an old myth Loki turned on her Ragnark is a myth too, but suddenly everyone here is talking about it And youre right to do so Now that Bifrst is closed, those hidden tunnels connecting the realms through the roots of Yggdrasil are the only way to reach Asgard from the lower realms And I hate to say it, but most of them pass right through here in Midgard What are you saying Vonni demanded Im saying that before long, Earth will be crawling with every kind of frost, fire, and mountain giant there is Theyll be coming out of one tunnel and finding their way to another leading up to Asgard Not to mention the Dark Elves and dwarfsand anyone else who has sided with Dirian Up in the hayloft, Freya inhaled and looked at Archie and Kai She leaned closer to her brother and whispered, Did you know about these tunnels Kai shook his head I knew about the ones in Utgard that ran under the keep and the other one that ran under the outer wall But Ive never heard of the roots of Yggdrasil Freya flashed back to her visit to the keep in Utgard To the dark tunnels, cut into the ground with the roots hanging down, smelling of mold and earth They had barely been wide enough for her to spread her wings But they were there Down below, Thor exploded Youre lying Are you willing to risk it Loki challenged You know I have been deceptive about many things in my life And perhaps I do enjoy a bit of mischiefnow and then But this is too serious for games This is just another trick, Thor spat Im not lying, Loki insisted There are tunnels that cut through all the realms I know of at least five entrances scattered across Earth from the lower realms And if I remember correctly, there are seven leading out of Midgard to the upper realms If the frost giants want to go up, they need to pass through here first Surely we would have known, Balder said Azrael cleared his throat Though I am loath to admit it, Loki is correct There are many tunnels that pass between the realms I have no doubt that if the giants know about themand I suspect they doEarth is in a lot of danger Freya and her friends remained in the hayloft unnoticed for half the night, eavesdropping on the arguing below They all knew the problem, but there seemed to be no solution Finally Freya shook her head Ive heard enough All theyre doing down there is shouting I need some fresh air Me too, Archie agreed Those guys couldnt agree on the color of the sky, let alone how to stop the war They flew out the barn window and touched down on the ground outside The night was cold, but the air was fresh and clear Stars blazed in the black sky above them and the moon was dipping on the horizon Freya looked at all the peaceful beauty around herthe trees, the snow capped mountains, and the lake in the distance All of it could soon be lost All this is going to be destroyed, and its my fault, Freya said Gee, stop it, Archie said Its Dirians fault, not yours She knew what he was trying to do, but it wasnt working It was me, and we both know it Im too impulsivealways jumping in without thinking of the consequences We shouldnt have gone to Utgard Freya looked up at the raven on her shoulder Orus, you were right You tried to warn me, but I wouldnt listen Now look at the mess Ive made Orus ruffled his feathers Freya, feeling sorry for yourself isnt helping If we hadnt gone to Utgard, you wouldnt have found your brother Kai nodded And Id be dead now, because I would never join Dirian So would all the other Searchers and maybe even Thor and Balder Is that what youd prefer No, of course not But No buts, Orus continued If what Loki says is true, Dirian has found a way to keep those he kills dead forever We might have been the trigger that started the war, but it was going to happen anyway Only now there are still a few Dark Searchers left to defend Asgard, Kai finished Archie nodded Gee, this isnt the time to doubt ourselves Odin needs us now than ever So does Earth, Mims added If its true that giants are going to come here, what will happen From the little Ive seen and heard of your world, it wont be good, Kai said Midgard isnt prepared for thisthey dont even know giants exist It will be down to us to stop them What can we do Freya said, still sounding defeated There arent enough of us A few Valkyries, a dozen or so Dark Searchers, Thor and Balder I dont know about the Angels of Death and whether they could join us or not But even if they do, what can we achieve from here A lot Archie insisted And before you discount us humans completely, Earth does have its own defenses We have armies and big weapons Weve even got nuclear warheads We could do just fine against them, and maybe even stop the giants before they reached Asgard What Mims cried Fight the war here on Earth Why not, Archie said, if the giants are coming here anyway It wont work, Freya said Ive been to plenty of Earths battlefields and seen what your military can do One frost giant can do damage than a whole countrys army If they come to Earth, the best thing to do would be to stay out of their way Surrender Archie cried Are you serious Very, Freya said Shes right, Kai agreed His blue eyes grew intense Do you have any idea how powerful one frost or fire giant is Even a small one By their size alone, they could destroy this home with one kick An army of them will decimate Midgard in days Even Asgard, with all of Odins strength, wont be able to stand against the united giants for long Youre saying weve already lost, Mims commented Kai shook his head No Im saying that this war wont be won with open engagement If we were to rely on strength alone, the war is over long before it startsespecially against the giants We need another plan Well, who do the giants hate Mims asked Us, Orus said And everyone who sides with Odin I liked it better when giants just hated each other Freya sighed Exactly Kai said United, they are a danger to all the realms They will be unstoppable They began walking toward the lake in silence, each lost in his or her own thoughts They occasionally heard the sound of raised voices coming from the barn, Thors ringing loudest as they argued and debated a way to save the realms They stood by the lake, looking at the dark beauty around them In the distance, the howl of wolves shattered the silence Their lonely calls, echoing off the mountains, only added to the deep sense of desperation Ive been thinking Kai stretched and flapped his large white wings He rubbed his shoulder to massage away an ache Not all the giants will join the war or fight against Odin I had a few giant friends in Utgard And there are others who make Asgard their home I wouldnt be surprised if they join Odins forces to fight against Dirian So there are some giants on Odins side Mims asked Kai nodded Not all giants hate Odin Right now Dirians united the giant kings against him, but I doubt it would take much to set them on each other again The moment Kai finished, there seemed to be a collective understanding among thema simultaneous idea that offered the faintest glimmer of hope So, if we could find a way to set the giants against each other again, Freya started carefully It could stop the war Orus finished Thats it Thats how we defeat them We dontwe let them defeat each other World War II Wikipedia World often abbreviated to WWII or WW , also known as the Second War, was a global war that lasted from The vast majority of world s Warhammer Online Sunset After five wonderful years, WAR came an end on December th, WORLDWAR I 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    • Hardcover
    • War of the Realms (Valkyrie Book 3)
    • Kate O Hearn
    • English
    • 18 October 2017
    • 385 pages

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