Making Great Decisions: For a Life Without Limits

૔  े Making Great Decisions: For a Life Without Limits For Free 汭 PDF Author T.D Jakes ᑾ ૔ े Making Great Decisions: For a Life Without Limits For Free 汭 PDF Author T.D Jakes ᑾ T.D Jakes is the CEO of TDJ Enterprises, LLP founder and senior pastor of The Potters House of Dallas, Inc and the New York Times bestselling author of Making Great Decisions previously titled Before You Do , Reposition Yourself Living Life Without Limits, and Let It Go Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven, a New York Times, USA TODAY, and Publishers Weekly bestseller He has won and been nominated for numerous awards, including Essence magazines Presidents Award in 2007 for Reposition Yourself, a Grammy in 2004, and NAACP Image awards He has been the host of national radio and television broadcasts, is the star of BETs Mind, Body and Soul, and is regularly featured on the highly rated Dr Phil Show and Oprahs Lifeclass He lives in Dallas with his wife and five children Visit T.D Jakes online at You Take the First Step Reflect, DiscernA journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step Chinese proverbI can trace every success or failure in my life back to something I did or didn t decide effectively Whether in the course of developing relationships, doing business, selecting investments, or accepting invitations, I ve found a direct correlation between my location on life s highway and my decisions to turn, exit, stop, or start Extenuating circumstances beyond my control were always involved, yet times than not, I was a victim or victor of my own making, achieving or failing because I did or did not put in place the necessary prerequisites to accomplish my desired goals Now, to be sure, I am not a self flagellating individual who uses this premise to blame and belittle myself for past decisions and their consequences No, I am saying that my decisions set the course of my life.I have now been married to the same woman, the mother of my children, for over twenty five years That relationship decision has set the climate of my life much like a thermostat on a heating system sets the temperature in a room In keeping with this concept, persons in a room may not know that the temperature is affected by the smallest incremental movement of a drop of mercury in a device at an unnoticed location In spite of its invisibility to the inhabitants of the room it still affects the comfort level of everyone present Similarly, my key relationship decision, and many other decisions I have made, affect me and all those around me Good results are a direct reflection of my ability to think through, discern correctly, and move succinctly from the trajectory of my last decision.We All Have Our Own Unique Decision Making ProcessSometimes we have to make a small decision such as choosing a new hair style or whether to paint the bedroom sky blue or periwinkle Other times decisions are larger, such as whether or not to move to a new city for a better job, or to keep an old one We each have our own style and ways to approach the decision making process Some of us tend to know exactly what we want We make up our minds quickly and act immediately Others prefer to deliberate for a long time, weighing all the angles and options before deciding what to do.Reflect Discern DecideGood decision making in relationships, business, anything, results from a process of reflection discernment decision This truth recently emerged in a new light for me I have had the same COO in my for profit company for nearly ten years It was interesting to me to note an observation he made about me Often people who work with you notice things about you that you have not realized about yourself.He advised some business constituents that it was unwise to approach me with a presentation that was long and laborious He had noticed what I jokingly refer to as my ADD Attention Deficit Disorder , that my attention wearied quickly during presentations like those that included the history of a company and who the founder married in 1802 I really would rather be spared the guillotine of losing my head in the details that are largely irrelevant to what I need to decide In other words, cut to the chase, answer my questions, and leave me to my own thoughts.He also shared with them that the hardest part of doing business with me was the millions of questions I ask in the name of doing due diligence I smiled at my COO s remarks and thought they were an accurate depiction of my inward reality Even my staff members on the not for profit side of my organization have learned to come to me expecting multiple questions and to be armed with the answers before setting the meeting.I do not apologize for this proclivity I believe that good leaders anticipate tough questions and have at their disposal the answers that predict issues, struggles, and maladies that are inherent in the normal processes of doing business.Sound decisions are based on great information, so the significant the question, the due diligence I require I believe important decisions demand stewardship If we are to be good stewards of great opportunities, we must show respect for those opportunities by the level of diligence to which we prepare for the next move.Relationship decisions are among the most opportune choices in your life, and I remind you that no others leave as many footprints alongside your own on life s journey as those you make to unite yourself with another person emotionally, sexually, spiritually.Curb AppealSeveral years ago, my wife and I purchased a new home We did so after selling our previous home and nearly doubling our initial expenditure for it I searched ardently through the better neighborhoods in our city trying to find a home that would yield a similar return in the future should we decide to sell I had found a good house in a great neighborhood and began to discuss with my friends and family the possibility of purchasing it To my surprise, one of my friends advised me against getting the house He said, I know you so well that I can hear your uncertainty in how you explained the value of the proposed home You seem as though you are trying to convince yourself that the deal is a good one In other words, thou dost protest too loudly.My friend seemed to know that I wasn t totally happy with the decision to buy that house It was a great deal, the house would sell easily later, and would no doubt yield a return The problem was that I didn t really like the house I liked the deal but not the house After this observation, I had to reflect My goal of getting a house with curb appeal that was marketable for resale was not equally important as getting a house that I liked Ultimately, I decided that my enjoyment of the house was a significant consideration that I had minimized.Friends, many times we make poor decisions because we have decided what success looks like Due diligence must include a heart check Is the goal good looks or good character Wealth or happiness Safety or excitement Is the goal a matter of marrying someone who looks good on paper or looks good in person Is the goal to find a person who is economically sound or emotionally stable Yes, you are right It is possible to have both But neither is possible if you don t decide that these are the goals What does success look like to you, what comprises a successful relationship to you After looking at over twenty eight homes all across the metroplex, I made a choice By the time I was ready to choose, I had examined the return rate on my investment, the likelihood of foreclosure from my loan, a feasibility study that looked at fair market value FMV , and comparable properties similar to my investment The difference this time was that I also factored in the importance of liking what I was going to spend a good number of years paying for.You may not be able to imagine buying a home without this vital consideration In fact, some people make how they feel about their home, how much they like their home, their number one criterion for its purchase They don t consider the kind of neighborhood it s in, its potential resale value, or where the market for homes in their metro area will be in five years They only know that it has a great view, new appliances, and feels bright and cheery Maybe you are less inclined to focus on the business of real estate and have little regard to the profitability of a house Perhaps you gravitate by nature to the cosmetics of the house and your ability to enjoy it and decorate it I realize that there are many buyers who are interested in the feng shui of a house, the convenience of a functional kitchen, and the nearness to schools, and who never consider the resale value.Both sets of factors your head and your heart must come into the equation in making this or any significant decision You must consider both the hard data as well as the intangible internals.So with both sets of data in mind, I finally bought a beautiful family estate on some extensive farm land Farm land here is a good buy, and the house was all my rather large family would need as we grow into grandchildren and in laws My new property, with its extensive acreage, provides a home for bobcats, coyotes, and a few hungry Angus cows Every morning when I wake up to the sound of squirrels playing in the tree outside my window and rabbits scurrying across the grounds, I know that the value of my home is not just the appraisal It also includes the happiness for which there is no price tag This reminds me of the MasterCard commercial in which the price of numerous items are listed followed by the value of the total experience, priceless.Small Decisions vs Large, Financial DecisionsThere is certainly a difference between making small daily decisions such as what to wear or what to order at dinner versus making a larger decision that will have greater consequences in your life Large decisions, like making a major purchase such as buying a house, can have ramifications for your financial health for years to come Moving to a new town or community could affect your relationships with your family and friends and could impact your kids, if you have them, for the rest of their lives.You are also going to have to make decisions about relationships in your life Considerations such as whether to enter into one, get out of one, or change the status of a relationship are decisions you ll have to make throughout your life And those choices are not as easy as the prevalent Hollywood romantic movies today would lead you to believe In the movies, things typically turn out happily ever after.This is not to say that won t be the case for you There is nothing gratifying than a relationship with someone you love and trust, with whom you can share your innermost thoughts and feelings Having a partner to rely on, to hav Smart Choices A Practical Guide to Making Better This was a great book I had read it for college class taking It really helped me make some big decisions about my career does job at Wharton on Decisions Stephen J Hoch, Wharton Hoch, Howard C Kunreuther, Robert E Gunther FREE shipping qualifying offers Perspectives from leaders The Ultimate Smart Decisions guide making covering how we can intelligently prepare improve our thinking, avoid stupidity, and better, smarter, Leadership Decision homeubalt are the heart of success times there critical moments when they be difficult, perplexing nerve racking side provides useful Science newsweek The Twitterization culture has revolutionized lives, but with an unintended consequence overloaded brains freeze have What Should Do Ethical Risks, Making Nationally Accredited Continuing Education Courses Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors, Marriage Family Therapists Applied Management Good Good Strategic Para mis visitantes del mundo de habla hispana, este sitio se encuentra disponible en espaol Versin Espaol Sitio Espejo Do You Suffer From Fatigue New very act depletes ability them well So do navigate 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