The Caldera (The Brotherband Chronicles)

✋ Types of text The Caldera (The Brotherband Chronicles) ̼ Kindle Ebook Author John Flanagan ᾩ ✋ Types of text The Caldera (The Brotherband Chronicles) ̼ Kindle Ebook Author John Flanagan ᾩ John Flanagan grew up in Sydney, Australia, hoping to be a writer, and after a successful career in advertising and television, he began writing a series of short stories for his son, Michael, in order to encourage him to read Those stories would eventually become The Ruins of Gorlan, Book 1 of the Rangers Apprentice epic Together with his companion series, Brotherband Chronicles, the novels of John Flanagan have sold millions of copies and made readers of kids the world over.Mr Flanagan lives in the suburb of Manly, Australia, with his wife In addition to their son, they have two grown daughters and four grandsons.Chapter One The heavy set man came at Stig with a rush His arms were held out ahead of him as if ready for an embrace, his fingers curled and ready to grip He was taller than Stig, and perhaps twelve kilograms heavier His chest and upper body were thickly muscled Stig could see a light sheen of oil covering his arms, and he had time to think that this was not quite in the spirit of the contest He braced himself, and their two bodies came together with a solid WHUMP of flesh meeting flesh If his attacker had hoped to drive the wind out of Stig with the impact, his aim was thwarted The young warrior had tensed his muscles ready for the hit He stepped back half a pace, but otherwise remained steady Let him come to you, Thorn had told him See what hes got before you start. What he had was not particularly skillful or unexpected He wrapped his arms around Stigs waist in a clumsy bear hug and, beginning to lean back, attempted to lift him off the ground, so that he could apply pressure to the kidneys and lungs as Stig hung helpless in his embrace But Stig wasnt ready to be helplessand hed watched the man use this very tactic in a previous bout As he felt the mans arms wrap around him, and was drawn in tight against him, Stig rammed his right hand, palm open, under the mans chin, locking his elbow tightly in a right angle and supporting his right arm with his left hand The arm formed a rigid, unyielding barrier against the mans attempts to lift Stigs feet off the sand of the arena In effect, as long as Stig could keep his right arm locked, the man was trying to lift himself off the ground along with his opponent The larger man grunted with the effort, trying to twist his chin away from Stigs iron grip But Stig maintained the pressure and his opponent was caught in a stalemate The he heaved and strained, the he exhausted himself Yet he lacked the imagination or speed of thought to change the tactic It had always worked for him before It should work for him now Except, in previous bouts, his opponents hadnt been ready for the hold And if they were, they had no effective counter to it The man tried to gather his strength for one last, superhuman effort to lift his rock steady opponent off the ground As he did so, he inadvertently released the pressure of his bear hug, expecting to resume it with even greater force But Stig felt the momentary easing of pressure In fact, hed been expecting it As the grip around his waist weakened, he released his hold on the other mans chin and spun in his grip so that his back was to him He rammed his backside into the mans lower body to gain a little room, felt the hug release even further, then hurled himself backward, taking his opponent with him as they crashed to the sand, Stig on top, the force of the fall driving the breath from the bigger mans lungs with an explosive gasp The mans grip released as he struggled for air, and Stig swiftly rolled clear and leapt to his feet, crouching, hands held out ahead of him, arms bent in a classic wrestlers pose For a second, he considered hurling himself onto the other man to pin him But he could see it wasnt quite time for that yet There was one fall in these bouts and he knew he had to pick his time exactly for the ploy to be successful If he went too early, he risked the heavier man throwing him off and pinning Stig in his turn He had to be properly incapacitated before Stig could risk coming to close quarters on the ground Slowly, the other man came to his feet, eyeing Stig warily So far, this bout hadnt gone anywhere like the way he had planned it The younger, slimmer man was virtually unscathed He had countered his most effective move easily, then sent him crashing to the sand in a rib bruising fall For a few seconds, they faced each other Then, as if by some prearranged signal, they hurled themselves at each other Stig took a firm grip of the mans shirt around the shoulders and shoved mightily against him Instinctively, his opponent returned the shove, and in that instant, Stig gave way before him, stepping back with his left foot and dragging the other man after him In the same movement, he brought his right foot up into the mans stomach and rolled backward His opponent followed him, still propelled by the momentum of his return shove against Stig Stig, his back curved, fell smoothly to the sand, his hands gripping the other mans shirt and his right foot buried in his stomach, knee bent As he rolled backward, Stig straightened his right knee in a violent movement, bringing his left leg up to assist the right in thrusting his opponent high into the air above him At the same time, he maintained his grip on the shirt, so that as Stigs legs propelled his opponent through an arc overhead, his hands kept his upper body from following At the last moment, Stig released his grip, and the other man flipped in the air, soared several meters and crashed heavily onto his back Again, there was that explosive whump of expelled air, as the recently regained breath was driven out once Stig rolled onto his hands and knees and sprang to his feet like a cat This time, he realized that the other man was totally winded, after suffering two heavy impacts in quick succession His opponent gagged and gasped as he struggled to fill his lungs with air, but before he could manage an inward breath, Stig pounced on him, lying across his upper body and pinning him to the ground The bouts referee, who had been watching with keen interest, fell to his hands and knees to check the mans shoulders, saw they were flat to the sand and slammed his hand down rapidly twice One Two Pinned he yelled Stig drew back, coming to his knees, then his feet, and leaned down to offer his opponent a hand Bad luck, Oren, he said as the other man came to his feet, still breathing heavily Oren shook his head ruefully Bad luck nothing, he said You were too quick for me Too quick and too smart Stig shrugged Not sure about smart Oren wiped the sand from his face with the back of his hand Well, you beat me fair and square, he said, not sounding overly pleased with the fact That puts you in the lead, doesnt it They were competing in the Maktig competition, the annual contest to crown the Maktig, or the Mighty One, in a series of physical contests There were two events to goa foot race over five kilometers, which Stig was favored to win, and a mock combat, where he was ranked second or first, depending on which wager master you were laying a bet with The fact was, Stig hadnt been expected to win the final leg of the wrestling event Oren was bigger, heavier and stronger than he was The unexpected win put Stig in an almost unassailable position If he won the foot race, as everyone expected, the result of the mock combat would be immaterial He was almost certain to come in second or third in that event and that would be enough for him to maintain his lead I think it does, Stig agreed Oren nodded several times Well, good luck At least then I can say I was beaten by the winner Thats something He raised a hand in farewell and turned away, limping slightly as the bruised and strained muscles in his back made themselves felt Stig felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see the smiling face of his best friend and brotherband leader, Hal Well done, Hal told him Stig grinned He knew how important it had been that he should win the wrestling, against all expectations Oh, it was nothing, he said lightly, then, seeing Thorns bearded face over Hals shoulder, he let the grin fade Thanks for the tip about the rigid right elbow, Thorn, he said That caught him by surprise Thorn shrugged It shouldnt have Hes been using that bear hug throughout the tournament He should have guessed someone would come up with a counter to it Well, nobody else did So thanks again Thorn nodded in acknowledgment That throw was neatly executed, he said Been practicing that, have you Hal answered before his friend could, rubbing the center of his back with his right hand He certainly has, he said in heartfelt tones Hes been hurling me all over the field behind Mams place I havent got a square centimeter that isnt bruised Thorn made a little moue of surprise Is that so he said I never saw you Stig picked up his jacket and draped it around his shoulders Now that the contest was over and the shadows were lengthening, there was a chill in the air We practiced at night, he said Thought it might not be a good idea to let people see it in advance Thorn rubbed the side of his nose and regarded the young warrior with new respect Thats smart It seems youre learning that the Maktig isnt just the strongest and fastest There are brains involved as well Stig looked bashful at the words Well, it was Hals idea Not mine Thorn grinned That figures, he said Then he clapped Stig on the shoulder Being Maktig also means having smart friends The three of them laughed as they began to walk toward the fence enclosing the wrestling ground Well, said Hal, Id better get down to the beach to tell the crew the good news They didnt want to watch Stig said, smiling They thought Id lose, didnt they Now that hed won, he could afford to smile Hal hesitated awkwardly Its not that They had work to do Heron needs repainting where that fishing boat hit us last week, so I thought they might as well repaint the entire hull And aside from that, they didnt think Id win, did they Stig persisted Hal allowed himself a small grin No They didnt But theyll be glad to hear they were wrong Will you come by my house later Stig asked We should celebrate Hal gave a disappointed shrug Well celebrate tomorrow I have to appear before the Navigators Guild this evening They want to discuss our last voyage Stigs cheerful look faded Should I come along After all, Im your first mate But Hal was already shaking his head Best if you keep clear of it, he said If things turn nasty, I dont want you involved Nasty Why should things turn nasty Stig asked Hal made an indefinite gesture with his hands There are some old fashioned thinkers in the guild They think I should have kept better notes on the voyage Or any notes at all, come to that, he added He grinned as he said it, but Stig noticed that the grin didnt reach his eyes Dont concern yourself about it, Stig, Thorn interjected Im going with him, and if necessary Ill straighten out some of those fuddy duddies He brandished the heavy, polished wooden hook on the end of his right arm Ill crack a few skulls if I have to Hal put a hand on Thorns forearm, restraining the threatening hook Im sure it wont be necessary Thorn grunted Mores the pity, he replied. 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