A Life in Parts (English Edition)

וֹ Read  Format Kindle [ ᅽ A Life in Parts (English Edition) ] For Free ᐗ Ebook Author Bryan Cranston ᔸ וֹ Read Format Kindle [ ᅽ A Life in Parts (English Edition) ] For Free ᐗ Ebook Author Bryan Cranston ᔸ A Life in Parts Walter White She stopped coughing Maybe shed fallen back asleep Then suddenly vomit flooded her mouth She grasped at the sheets She was choking I instinctively reached to turn her over But I stopped myself Why should I save her This little junkie, Jane, was threatening to blackmail me, expose my enterprise to the police, destroy everything I had worked for, and wipe out the financial life preserver I was trying to leave my familythe only legacy I could leave them She gurgled, searching for a gasp of air Her eyes rolled back in her head I felt a stab of guilt Goddamn it, shes just a girl Do something But if I stepped in now, wasnt I just delaying the inevitable Dont they all at some point end up dead And poor dumb comatose Jesse, my partner, lying beside her Shes the one who got him on this shit in the first place Shed kill them both, kill us all, if I stepped in now and played God I told myself just stay out of it When he wakes hell discover this tragedythis accidenton his own Yes, its sad All death is sad But hell get over it in time Hell get past this like every other bad thing thats happened to us Thats what humans do We heal We move on A few months from now hell barely remember her Hell find another girlfriend, and hell be fine Fuck it We all have to move on Ill just pretend I wasnt here But I am here And shes a human being Oh God What have I become And then, somehow, as she was fading, she wasnt herself any I wasnt looking at Jane, or Jesses girlfriend, or the actor Krysten Ritter I was looking at Taylor, my daughter, my real daughter I wasnt Walter White any I was Bryan Cranston And I was seeing my daughter die From the moment she was born in 1993a bit premature, shy of seven pounds, impossibly beautifulI felt an instant, radical, unconditional love that redefined love I had never allowed myself to imagine losing her But now, I was seeing it Clearly Vividly She was slipping from me She was dying That was not the plan When I do the homework for such a delicate scene, I dont make a plan My goal when I prepare isnt to plot out each action and reaction, but to think What are the possible emotional levels my character could experience I break the scene down into moments or beats By doing that work ahead of time, I leave a number of possibilities available to me I stay open to the moment, susceptible to whatever comes The homework doesnt guarantee anything with luck, it gives you a shot at something real It was real fear that gripped memy worst fear A fear I hadnt fully expected or come to terms with And my reaction is there, forever, at the end of that scene I gasp, and my hand moves to my mouth in horror When the director, Colin Bucksey, said, Cut, I was weeping Deep racking sobs I explained to the people on set what had happened, what I had seen Michael Slovis, our cinematographer, embraced me My castmates, too I remember in particular Anna Gunn, who played my wife, Skyler I hugged her I must have held on for five minutes Poor Anna Anna knew As an actor she has a fragility at her core, and she often had a hard time shedding her characters emotions after shooting difficult scenes That will happen in an actors life, and it happened to me that day It was the most harrowing scene I did on Breaking Bad, and really ever It may seem odd It may even seem ghoulish To stand in a room packed with people and lights and cameras and pretend Im letting a girl choke to death And then to see my daughters face in lieu of that girl And to call that work To call that your job But its not odd to me Actors are storytellers And storytelling is the essential human art Its how we understand who we are I dont mean to make it sound high flown Its not Its discipline and repetition and failure and perseverance and dumb luck and blind faith and devotion Its showing up when you dont feel like it, when youre exhausted and you think you cant go on Transcendent moments come when youve laid the groundwork and youre open to the moment They happen when you do the work In the end, its about the work Every day on Breaking Bad Id wake up about 5 30 and have coffee, take a shower, get dressed Some days I was so tired, I didnt know whether I was coming or going Id drive the nine miles from my condo in Nob Hill to Q Studios, five miles south of the airport in AlbuquerqueABQ as the locals call it Id be in the makeup chair by 6 30 Id shave my head anew Knock down the nubs It didnt take too long for makeup By 7 00 a.m wed see everyone the other actors, the crew Then wed start rehearsing The allotment was a twelve hour shoot Plus a one hour lunch So a normal day was thirteen hours It was very rare that the day was shorter Occasionally, it was longer Some days went seventeen hours A lot of it had to do with whether we were on location If it was just a minimum day, wed wrap at 8 00 p.m Then Id grab a sandwich and apple for the road I didnt want to take the time to stop Id call my wife, Robin, from the car How are you Yeah, long day Id see how she was doing Id ask about Taylor Id still be talking to her when I walked into the house Id say goodnight and then have that sandwich while looking over what we were doing the next day Id take a hot bath with a little glass of red wine Then Id hit the sack But even before the drive home, every night after we finished, Id go in the hair and makeup trailer and take two hot, wet towels that my friends in the makeup department had presoaked, and Id drape one over my head and Id wrap the other over my face Id sit in the chair and let everything soak off, feeling all the toxins drain away Id sit until the towels went cold against my face, leeching myself of Walter White That day I saw Jane diethat day I saw Taylors facethat day I went to a place Id never been, I opened my eyes and stared through the scrim of the white towel into the light above Id put everything, everything, into that scene All the things I was and all the things I might have been all the side roads and the missteps All the stuttering successes and the losses I thought might sink me I was murderous and I was capable of great love I was a victim, moored by my circumstances, and I was the danger I was Walter White But I was never myself.Boy, you think you know a guy I worked six solid years with Bryan Cranston and figured there werent any secrets left between us All those hours I spent watching him wander the desert in his underpants That alone should make me an expert on the man But now, along comes A Life In Parts and suddenly Im reading about a whole other Bryan, one who performs weddings in airplanes and camps out at mortuaries This Bryan bathes in the blood of chickens and stuffs mackerels in air vents He even accosts poor Alfred Hitchcock Yes, its all in here Better still, theres an exceedingly honest discussion of his craft, which will be a godsend to struggling thespians everywhere Think your job waiting tables sucks One of the worlds greatest actors had it worse what with being under suspicion for murder and all I loved this book Its just the right mixture of funny, sad and heartfelt If Id known Bryan could tell stories this well, I would have had him writing episodes of Breaking Bad Vince GilliganThis splendid, moving, heartbreaking memoir is doubly triumphant It regales and entertains while at the same time providing inspiration and practical wisdom A truly gifted storyteller, Cranston captures the readers imagination and emotions from beginning to end.Doris Kearns Goodwin Bryan Cranston has created a cinematic record of how an actor shapes a career and an identity and a legacy all at the same time Tom HanksThe highs hereand there are manyare meth less but addictive Kirkus Reviews A substantial memoir from one of Hollywoods most introspective starsanyone interested inacting will devour Cranstons savvy advice about honing ones craft and building ones career BooklistBy turns gritty,funny, and sad, thisfiercely intelligentbook from the Breaking Bad stardefies celebrity memoirtropes Entertainment WeeklyCranston fuses his personal and professional life in a way thats nothing short of riveting.an engrossing first person account by one of our finest actors Huffington Post A must read memoir Philadelphia InquirerA literary cup that runneth over A candid portrait of a great actor NewsdayDeeply personalthe way in whichCranstons simple, staccato prose invites readers to empathize with every character hes played elevates this autobiography to than just a look behind the scenes its a look behind a life Publishers Weekly The Game of Life TripAdvisor Buy TripAdvisor Edition Floor Games FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Discover Life An interactive encyclopedia about the taxonomy, natural history, distribution, abundance ecology species Includes identification guides, maps tools to study OECD Better Index More than , users Index around world have shared their views what makes for a better life Tree Web Project Tree Project ToL is collaborative effort biologists and nature enthusiasts from On World Wide pages, You Can Heal Your by Louise Hay You shipping qualifying offers L Hay, bestselling author, an internationally known leader in anticorruptionfe Standard Pensions Savings Standard savings company We re here help you with your financial choices helping aim future There s lot look forward TIME Current Breaking News National news analysis TIME Politics, news, photos, video, tech reviews, health, science entertainment Priests Anti Abortion Facts Pro Priests support information pro anti abortion Find facts arguments against pros cons Welcome Second home real time historical data system performanceBryan Cranston IMDb Bryan Cranston, Actor Bad Lee was born March Hollywood, California, Audrey Peggy Sell, radio actress, Joe Wikipedia Early second three children actress Annalisa ne Sell bryancranston Instagram k Followers, Following, Posts See Instagram photos videos BryanCranston Twitter latest Tweets I m open bookThe good bad ALifeInParts, out Oct Enter win signed copy at Biography actor former vrouw, vermogen, lengte, tattoo, afkomst Op bijnaam Walter White geboren te Canoga Park, United States De acteur anno bekend van Malcolm Middle filmography Peabody Awards May Filmography Feature films Television series Theatre Music bol artikelen kopen Alle zoek naar Artikelen koop je eenvoudig online bij bol Vele aanbiedingen Gratis Home Facebook A new Titanium Rex What episodes SuperMansion, now streaming free Sony Crackle en Ruth Wilson werkte nauw samen met Het lunchtafeltje Brasserie Max het Londense Covent Garden Hotel gereserveerd onder een pseudoniem blijkt er vaste gast Rotten Tomatoes Celebrity Profile Check photo gallery, biography, pics, pictures, interviews, forums blogs A Life in Parts (English Edition)

    • Format Kindle
    • A Life in Parts (English Edition)
    • Bryan Cranston
    • Anglais
    • 19 March 2016
    • 289 pages

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