The City of Falling Angels

ᘆ Beginning reader ዠ The City of Falling Angels printable ᛔ Kindle Ebook By John Berendt 콮 ᘆ Beginning reader ዠ The City of Falling Angels printable ᛔ Kindle Ebook By John Berendt 콮 Past Midnight John Berendt on the Mysteries of Venice Just as John Berendt s first book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, was settling into its remarkable four year run on The New York Times bestseller list, he discovered a new city whose local mysteries and traditions were than a match for Savannah, whose hothouse eccentricities he had celebrated in the first book The new city was Venice, and he spent much of the last decade wandering through its canals and palazzos, seeking to understand a place that any native will tell you is easy to visit but hard to know For travelers to Venice, whether by armchair or vaporetto, he has selected his 10 actually 11 Books to Read on Venice And he took the time to answer a few of our questions about his charming new book, The City of Falling Angels .com The lush, cloistered southern city of Savannah was the locale of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Venice, the setting for The City of Falling Angels, is vastly different Was it the difference itself that drew you to Venice John Berendt Savannah and Venice actually have quite a lot in common Both are uniquely beautiful Both are isolated geographically, culturally, and emotionally from the world outside Venice sits in the middle of a lagoon Savannah is surrounded by marshes, piney woods, and the ocean Venetians think of themselves as Venetian first, Italian second Savannahians rarely even venture forth as far as Atlanta or Charleston So both cities offer a writer a rich context in which to set a story, and the stories provide readers a means of escape from their own environment into another world .com I enjoyed your rather declarative author s note that this is a work of nonfiction, and that you used everyone s real names In your previous book you did use pseudonyms for some characters and you explained that you took a few small liberties in the service of the larger truth of the story Why the change this time Berendt When I wrote Midnight I thought I would do a few people the favor of changing their names for the sake of privacy But when the book came out, several of the pseudonymous characters told me they wished I d used their real names instead So this time, no pseudonyms As for the storytelling liberties I took in writing Midnight, they were minor and did not change the story, but my mention of it in the author s note caused some confusion, with the result that Midnight is sometimes referred to now as a novel, which it most certainly is not Neither is The City of Falling Angels In fact, I dispensed with the liberties this time and made it as close to the truth as I could get it .com In The City of Falling Angels, a number of fascinating people serve as guides to the city, each with a different idea of the true nature of Venice Who was your favorite Berendt I don t have a favorite, but Count Girolamo Marcello is certainly a memorable, highly quotable commentator Everyone in Venice is acting, he told me Everyone plays a role, and the role changes The key to understanding Venetians is rhythm, the rhythm of the lagoon, the water, the tides, the waves It s like breathing High water, high pressure tense Low water, low pressure relaxed The tide changes every six hours I nodded that I understood How do you see a bridge he went on Pardon me I asked, A bridge Do you see a bridge as an obstacle as just another set of steps to climb to get from one side of a canal to the other We Venetians do not see bridges as obstacles To us, bridges are transitions We go over them very slowly They are part of the rhythm They are the links between two parts of a theater, like changes in scenery Our role changes as we go over bridges We cross from one reality to another reality From one street to another street From one setting to another setting Once I had absorbed that notion, Count Marcello continued Sunlight on a canal is reflected up through a window onto the ceiling, then from the ceiling onto a vase, and from the vase onto a glass Which is the real sunlight Which is the real reflection What is true What is not true The answer is not so simple, because the truth can change I can change You can change That is the Venice effect I was not terribly surprised when he later told me, Venetians never tell the truth We mean precisely the opposite of what we say .com Now that you know Venice well enough to be a guide yourself, what would you say to a visitor looking for insight into the character of the city Berendt Tourists generally shuffle along, on narrow streets so crowded as to be nearly impassable, between the major sights of St Mark s Square, the Rialto Bridge, and the Accademia Museum All you have to do is to step off these heavily traveled alleyways, and in a few moments you will find yourself in quiet, much emptier surroundings This is like the real Venice Another thing to do is to go into the wine bars where Venetians stand around drinking and talking They will very likely be speaking the Venetian dialect, so you won t be able to understand them, but you will get a sampling of the true Venetian ambiance enlivened by the pronounced sing song rhythm of the language I d also suggest stopping someone in the street and asking for directions Almost invariably, you will be rewarded with a genial smile and the instructions, Sempre diritto, meaning Straight ahead This will only leave you confused, because when you attempt to follow a straight line, you will be confronted by twists and turns and forks in the road than you thought possible, given the instructions This is part of what Count Marcello described as the Venice effect Berendt reads his own nonfiction exploration of the seamy side of Venice with an insider s hushed tones, chronicling the life and times of the city s movers and shakers like a naughty child sharing an overheard secret Following up his similar study of Savannah in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Berendt has cobbled together a series of entertaining tales of the legendary canal city, ranging from the squabbles of Venetian fund raisers to the fire in the Venice Opera House Like a cocktail party raconteur with a particularly juicy story to tell, Berendt twists his listeners ears with his book s seamless stringof Venice themed misbehavior and decadence Only occasionally overemoting, Berendt mostly maintains the proper tone of high society gossip delivered succinctly Berendt s intimate voice helps to tie together the disparate strands of his sometimes sprawling book Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved. 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    • Hardcover
    • The City of Falling Angels
    • John Berendt
    • English
    • 27 April 2016
    • 444 pages

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