Exploring Kitchen Science: 30 Edible Experiments and Kitchen Activities

⛅ Exploring Kitchen Science: 30  Edible Experiments and Kitchen Activities online ⛎ Book Author The Exploratorium ⛸ ⛅ Exploring Kitchen Science: 30 Edible Experiments and Kitchen Activities online ⛎ Book Author The Exploratorium ⛸ Dance Up A Batch of Butter Several marbles Several glass or plastic jars baby food jars are great 1 cup 235 mL heavy cream Parsley, chives, garlic, or orange zest, 1 Put one marble in each jar Divide the heavy cream among the jars and seal each one tightlyyou dont want to fling dairy products all over the kitchen.2 Time to shake it We mean itshake the jars like crazy The marbles will fly around inside, as will the cream You can share the shaking with a friend, or carefully roll them on the ground 3 At first youll hear the marble kicking around inside the jar When youve been shaking it for a while, itll start to get quiet and then hush up completely Keep shaking and soon youll see a chunk of butter starting to form 4.Once you,ve got a good clump, remove the marble, give your butter a rinse, and spread it on a slice of bread near you Whats the Deal Heavy cream is an emulsion a substance that occurs when droplets of one type of liquid float in another without mixing together The fat molecules in heavy cream dont mix with the water molecules they prefer to stay suspended as distinct globules without bonding to any H20 But when you shake the heavy cream, those fat molecules slam together andif they slam hard enoughthey start to stick together and form butter The marble helps speed up that process and gives the fat something to gather around The fat glob gets bigger and bigger until there is a ball of mostly fat with some water molecules mixed in, and you have a delicious spread.,Did you know that your kitchen is actually a secret laboratory where tons of crazy cool science goes down every day Or that your fridge is jam packed with chemistry materials Join the world famous Exploratorium for 30 delicious discoveries, including the science of food, cooking, baking, nutrition, and taste.The Exploratoriums ExploringKitchen Scienceis your hands on guide to exploring all the tasty chemistry that goes on all around youfrom burning a peanut to understand how calories work to making blinking rock candies with LEDs inside, from cooking up oobleck as a wild and wacky lesson in matter to making ice cream with dry ice Watch Mentos and Diet Coke explode, Styrofoam shrink in a pressure cooker, and marshmallows duke it out Make dyes from onionskins, tangy and yeasty sourdough bread, noodles of fruit, pickles a power source, and glow in the dark Jello Use cabbage juice as a pH indicator and salt and olive oil as a lava lamp Whip up tasty treats while you explore all the unexpected science thats going on inside your very own kitchen Cook, mix and microwave your way through Exploring Kitchen Science and learn some cool stuff along the way. 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